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OpenShift Morsels: rolling back the deployments

On day #24 we check again rolling back the deployment.

As it turns out, there is another command to rollback the deployment – next to oc rollout undo and it has similar parameters. You can make your deployment fail first as described in OpenShift Morsels: retrying deployments.

Rolling back to last working version is simpler than with undo.

As you can see the triggers are automatically disabled to prevent them from starting new deployment.

In similar way you can rollback to specific version of deployment.

Before running actual rollback it might be worth having a dry run to check how will the configuration exactly look like.

It is worth mentioning that the number of replicas will not change during rollback, but for example environment variables will be rolled back. So it is anyway required to check your deployment after rollback to make sure everything is up to date.


The commands were executed using minishift and the following client/server versions of OpenShift.

oc v3.7.0+7ed6862
client kubernetes v1.7.6+a08f5eeb62
openshift v3.6.0+c4dd4cf
server kubernetes v1.6.1+5115d708d7


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