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OpenShift CLI morsels: searching for an image

Searching for Docker images, templates and image streams is possible directly from command line

In search for ruby

Only resources completely matching the query will be returned. Search for ruby doesn’t return heroku/ruby. However, multiple searches can be combined in one query.

Showing only found templates, image streams or docker images

The result of the search can be narrowed down to one of the types. Instead of providing argument as --search <arg>, one of --template <arg> --docker-image <arg> or  --image-stream <arg>  can be passed additionally.

Search for template

Search only for image streams

Search only for docker images


The commands were executed using minishift and the following client/server versions of OpenShift.

oc v1.5.0-alpha.2+e4b43ee
client kubernetes v1.5.2+43a9be4
openshift v1.3.1
server kubernetes v1.3.0+52492b4


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