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OpenShift CLI morsels: tagging images

After building a docker image, it is added to the Image Stream in OpenShift. It can be identified by a unique ID and/or a tag. Tags can be added to any existing Image Stream.

Discovering information about tags

After listing image streams, you can see a short list of tags. In my case the centos  image stream has image tagged as centos7 .

You can retrieve information about all existing tags using oc describe

Tagging images

New Image Stream can be created immediately based on the existing tag. Below you can see creation of mycentos  IS with centostag  tag based on centos:centos7  image.

Multiple tags can be created at the same time. They all point to  the single source image used during tagging.


One useful feature are aliases. These are tags that just point to other tags. Together with ImageChange trigger in the Deployment Config, they can be used to deploy only stable application.


You can read more about tagging in OpenShift on official documentation page: OpenShift Origin: Managing imagges – Tagging images


The commands were executed using minishift and the following client/server versions of OpenShift.

oc v1.4.1+3f9807a
client kubernetes v1.4.0+776c994
openshift v1.5.0+031cbe4
server kubernetes v1.5.2+43a9be4


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