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Learning Scala: Coursera

I want to share several Scala resources that help learning it. You should find something for yourself independent of your programming background.

Today something about Coursera. This is my favourite “go to” learning resource since before it was created. I can recommend it to anyone and I did go through several courses. There is a high variety of course choices – not only in programming or STEM.

As for Scala, you can find the whole specialization Functional Programming in Scala Specialization. You can sign up to single courses, but I believe you can benefit from all of them and get certification.

I took the course “Functional Programming Principles in Scala” during one of the first installments. It was very popular and you will find many people in Scala community, who have taken it. The popularity of the first Scala courses lead to full specialization.

Taking a Coursera specialization gives you huge benefits over other resources. The staff preparing it is very experienced in programming, Scala and teaching. They are core Scala contributors, speakers at the conferences and community animators. If you have a possibility to talk to them, make sure you do, at least to thank for all the hard work they are doing.

The courses have lots of exercises, which let you practice your Scala skills in solving problems. And above all, you can reach out to community during the course. There will be many people learning together with you and looking for similar answers to questions you also have.

And since you learn Scala, why not start a small learning community also in your company or city. You can talk to your local meetup organizer or start a group of your own. I am sure your enthusiasm to learn will help your group to progress.