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All OpenShift Morsels

There are quite a few OpenShift Morsels available already, so let me put them on a single page for a faster search and browse.

Basic knowhow

Short knowhow transfers, some small tips how to setup something or learn about OpenShift client.

OpenShift CLI morsels: getting docs from oc client

OpenShift CLI morsels: showing labels of nodes in columns

OpenShift CLI morsels: enable oc shell completion

OpenShift Morsels: labels vs annotations


Daily operations

Commands that can be useful on daily basis and not necessary fit other topics.

OpenShift Morsels: displaying more information using json path

OpenShift Morsels: displaying more information using go template

OpenShift CLI morsels: updating objects non-interactively



OpenShift CLI morsels: searching for an image

OpenShift CLI morsels: importing images

OpenShift CLI morsels: tagging images



OpenShift CLI morsels: building application from private git repository



OpenShift Morsels: recreate deployment strategy

OpenShift Morsels: rolling deployment strategy

OpenShift Morsels: execute actions before your pod starts using init containers

OpenShift Morsels: rolling out new version of application

OpenShift Morsels: dealing with history of deployments

OpenShift Morsels: retrying deployments

OpenShift Morsels: pausing deployments

OpenShift Morsels: rolling back the deployments


Users, roles, permissions

Exploring the parts related to security of OpenShift and Kubernetes.

OpenShift CLI morsels: sudo and user impersonation

OpenShift Morsels: login as a service account

OpenShift Morsels: check your user’s permissions

OpenShift Morsels: check permissions in project

OpenShift Morsels: check and grant roles



How to find what is wrong with the application? There are quite a few places you can have a look at.

OpenShift Morsels: troubleshooting pods with oc debug

OpenShift Morsels: troubleshooting pods with oc describe

OpenShift Morsels: troubleshooting with events

OpenShift Morsels: troubleshooting with logs

OpenShift Morsels: rsync – getting files from and to a pod

OpenShift Morsels: oc rsh – exploring the pod

OpenShift Morsels: oc exec – exploring the pod

OpenShift Morsels: oc port-forward – troubleshooting your application